Production and distribution of frozen meat for the HORECA, supermarkets, manufacturers and ship suppliers

JACSA has more than 50 years of experience in the production and distribution of frozen pork and beef products both natural and injected. We adapt the meat cutting, treatment and packaging to the specific needs of each sector.

Our products are presented with different percentages of injection to obtain better results in certain types of preparations. This treatment, based on a traditional method to tenderize meat (in the past it was submerged in water and salt, or in milk, to make it more tender), does not diminish the quality of the meat at all; on the contrary, this way it withstands long cooking times better and prevents it from drying out and losing flavor and texture.


Small or large packaging, depending on the client’s needs. Boxes with fixed or variable weight.


We have small formats, individually labelled.


Natural products, ready for production.

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