We guarantee the highest standards of food safety in all our products

In JACSA we are aware that the quality of a good product begins with food safety, that is, to ensure that both the product itself and the process of handling, processing and transport guarantee that it is completely safe for consumption.

How do we guarantee food safety?

Group 4
Food traceability from the origin to the delivery point.
Group 5
Temperature control throughout the entire production process.
Group 6
Cleaning and disinfection plan for the different production areas and work equipment.
Continuous training of operators.
Shape 2
Selection of suppliers.
Group 2
Digitalised installations.

Our certifications

Food safety and sustainability


We have an efficient traceability system from the origin of the meat during the entire production process and until its final distribution.


We work to offer the best products in the best conditions. Discover our commitment to animal welfare, circular economy and the environment.

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